If you are having issues with receiveing your registration email, it may be in your spam folder or blocked by your school’s server. This issue can only be resolved by your school’s IT department; please contact them and ask them to release the registration email from mandrelworks.com.
We know this sometimes be a daunting task, so you can email us and we will active your account. For this option, you must email us from your school email account.
Email us at: technology@mandrelworks.com
Subject: activate account
Simply provide your school name and state that your registration email is blocked.

If you are experiencing issues with the ereader email us at:
Email: info@mandrelworks.com
Subject: ereader
Please describe in detail what you are experiencing and we’ll get right on it.

If you are experiencing issues with log-in:
Password issues: Try to reset your password via the log-in page. If you still can’t login, then email us for a quick resolution.
Email: technology@mandrelworks.com
Subject: Login
Describe your login troubles in detail and we’ll get right on it.

If you need support for other issues, please call 1-800-306-4233 ext 1 and you will be directed to customer service.

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